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Cartagena +30 Initiative- International Protection and Effective Integration: Recommendations of Civil Society for the Current Dimensions of Asylum and Statelessness in Latin America and the Caribbean
(Iniciativa Cartagena +30 -La protección internacional y la efectiva integración: recomendaciones de la sociedad civil frente a las dimensiones actuales del asilo y la apatridia en América Latina y El Caribe)

USCRI collaborated with fellow non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working with refugees in the Americas to issue this report.  It provides an examination of best practices and ongoing protection concerns in 14 countries in the region.  The 30th anniversary of the Cartagena Declaration of Refugees this year, provided an opportune time for this examination.  This report is the result of extensive research, refugee focus groups and interviews NGOs in the region working with refugees.  

You can access the entire report in English here

You can access the English Executive Summary here

You can access the entire report in Spanish here 


A Profile of the Modern Salvadoran Migrant

In an International partnership with the Universidad Tecnolólogica de El Salvador (UTEC), the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI)  provides information as to the migration pattern of Salvadorans. Research was comducted by Salvadorans among Salvadoran repatriated migrants. The report explores and analyzes the root causes of migration among Salvadoran adults and children. It explores the migrants' concepts of identity, human rights, and modes of communication in relation to their decision to leave El Salvador.The report is designed to inform policymakers, government officials, and civil-society organizations.

You can access the report in English here

You can access the report in Spanish here


 Refugee Status Determination in Latin America:  Regional Challenges and Opportunities.  The national systems in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Mexico.

This report is a joint effort with the support of four NGOs in the region: the Asociación de Consultores y Asesores Internacionales (ACAI) from Costa Rica, the Instituto Migrações e Direitos Humanos (IMDH) from Brazil, Sin Fronteras IAP from Mexico, and la Facultad de Derecho y el Consultorio Jurídico de la Universidad de los Andes from Colombia. The report focuses on national systems of Refugee Status Determination (RSD) in five countries: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Mexico; and provides a review of national frameworks centering attention on due process, access to information, appeals mechanisms and abbreviated RSD Procedures.
You can access the report in English here

You can access the report in Spanish here


USCRI Policy Paper: Jordan
USCRI offers policy recommendations for the Syrian refugee crisis. 
Read the full paper >> 

Archived World Refugee Surveys
Here, you’ll find seven years’ worth of USCRI’s World Refugee Surveys.  These authoritative publications include detailed information from our research partners abroad, in-depth analysis, charts, immigration facts, statistics, photos, and essays.  The Surveys also include investigation into the world’s best and worst places for refugees.  You can also order back issues for purchase through our online store!
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International Standards
Find a variety of official documents relating to the rights of refugees on the world stage.  The 1951 Convention, the 1967 Protocol, and other international standards are located here.  

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