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Health Resources

Healthy Living Toolkit
In the past, the U.S. Refugee Program has focused its admission efforts on small numbers of particularly vulnerable refugee groups who have suffered multiple layers of oppression and persecution.  Many arrive with significant health problems and risk factors.  USCRI developed the Healthy Living Toolkit, which was translated into several languages, and continues to make it available to newly arrived refugees, resettlement agencies, clinics, and community based organizations (CBOs). 
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Food and Nutrition

Refugees and immigrants often come to the United States from countries in which the food, diet, and health care systems are quite different from those found in America.  Establishing a healthy lifestyle and preventing illness in the United States can be difficult without a good understanding of how to adapt to American food.  Through our Food and Nutrition resources, USCRI continues to educate and assist refugees and immigrants with adopting healthy habits that help to prevent nutrition-related disease.  
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Mental Health

USCRI has managed a number of mental health programs.  Resources collected and developed through these programs are compiled in the Mental Health section. 
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Living with a Disability
Many refugees resettled in the United States have one or more disabilities.  The Living with a Disability in the United States booklet is written as an information book for refugees with disabilities and their families.  It was developed in an effort to increase knowledge of the laws and services available to people with disabilities.  
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