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Refugee Family Strengthening Program 

How do you start over when all the support structures you have relied on throughout your life are gone?  This is a significant challenge many refugees face when they resettle in America.

Whether they depended on a large, loving extended family to cope with life's challenges, or the communion of a close village to overcome day-to-day stress, refugees arrive in the United States alone. 

Often, refugees come to America with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.  They must quickly learn a new language, navigate a foreign culture, and find a job to support themselves and their children. 

If that weren't challenging enough, a refugee, by definition, was forced to flee war or persecution.  All too often she witnessed killing and destruction, lost all her worldly possessions, watched loved ones die, and then languished for months or years in a  refugee camp.


Helping refugees rebuild their lives, overcome past trauma, strengthen their families, and build new relationships is an important part of USCRI's refugee resettlement program.


One of the ways we accomplish this is through our Refugee Family Strengthening Workshops.  

We have developed programs that help refugees build strong communication and problem solving skills within their family.  They learn how to work together to "decipher" American culture and offer support to one another as they start over in the United States. 

USCRI and its partners have implemented family strengthening programs in resettlement cities across America.  Refugees can participate in relationship education workshops, couple mentoring programs, community events, and leadership training.   


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