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Resettling Refugees in America

It may be hard to believe, but millions of people spend decades in refugee camps, unable to return home.  Resettlement in another country is often the only way refugees like Hawo, featured in the video below, have a chance to rebuild their lives.  When refugees arrive in the United States, they have very few possessions to their name.  That is when USCRI and its affiliates step in.  From the moment refugees arrive at the airport, USCRI is there to guide them toward becoming self-sufficient, contributing members of their new community. 

Our Resettlement Programs:

Address Basic and Immediate Needs
We help newly arrived refugee families find and furnish their first apartments, master the public transportation system, enroll their children in school, find a doctor, learn English, and obtain employment.  Refugees are expected to become self-sufficient within the first year of their arrival in the United States.

Build Support Systems
We assist refugees during the challenging process of overcoming past trauma and grief.  We help them develop new support systems in America.

One Woman's Resettlement Story

Shelbyville Multimedia: Hawo: The American Way

Help Refugees Achieve Self-Sufficiency

We help prepare refugees for long-term success and integration.  We do so by helping them learn how to manage money, understand credit, train for a new career, or re-establish professional credentials in the United States.

Find out more about USCRI's Resettlement Programs:

What You Can Do to Help
Resettled refugees depend on the generosity of people like you.  They often flee their homes with few possessions and little hope.  Thanks to the generosity of strangers, they are able to regain hope and rebuild their lives in America.  You can help ensure that refugees have a chance for a better tomorrow by making a tax-deductible donation, volunteering your time, or contributing in-kind to one of our partner agencies.
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