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Immigrant Children's Legal Program

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ICLP assists low-income, unaccompanied immigrant children released from U.S. federal custody by screening them for eligibility for legal relief from deportation and referring them to attorneys who provide pro bono legal representation. When referring a child to our program, please provide detailed information about the child’s situation so that we can interview the child in a culturally appropriate and sensitive manner. The information provided to ICLP is confidential and will be used only for the purpose of obtaining legal counsel.

Eligibility Guidelines

We have experienced a significant increase in referrals. In response, we have revised our eligibility guidelines so that the children most in need of pro bono legal assistance may receive services. Our new acceptance policy is as follows:

  1. We will not accept cases outside the United States.

  2. We will not accept any cases where the child has not already been released from federal custody.

  3. We will not accept cases where the child has already turned 18.

  4. We will only accept cases where a viable form of legal relief has been clearly identified in the online referral form. If you are unfamiliar with common forms of legal relief, please take a moment to review this guide.

  5. Please do not refer cases where you believe that the child's family could afford an attorney, as it is critical to prioritize services for those with the greatest need. We suggest using 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines as a flexible indicator to determine level of need.

  6. We will not accept cases of youth who have multiple arrests, adult convictions, or continuing gang affiliations.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance.

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